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Our Projects

Genesis Group Consulting has worked on a variety of church projects to include: Church Life Cycle Assessment, Building Usage assessment, New Church Planning/Execution, Church Expansion (Renovation Construction), eGiving implementation, and Ministry Assessment which can include: Area demographics analysis, Staff evaluations, congregation interviews, giving and attendance trend analysis.  The assessment goal is to identifying change needed to support current or future church direction.  


 A summary of a completed project to evaluate a visitor's experience while attending a specific church is presented for example. Based on feedback from the visitor, a list of improvement opportunities and recommendations was generated and provided to the church for action.

Church Visitor Experience Assessment

The purpose of this project was to provide the client church with an objective assessment of their approach to guests or new attenders.  

The church was evaluated by the guest in the following areas: Website design/usefulness, Parking Lot, Entryway/Foyer access, Ease of maneuvering in the church, and overall greeting friendliness.  Areas were scored on a scale of One (1) to Five (5). A summary of the visit was provided to the church along with a compilation of the survey raw data.

The guest profile criteria was as follows: 

1. Person had not visited the church before.

2. Person was a non-believer (not required by highly recommended).

3. Person was willing to visit the church and complete an offline survey within 2 weeks of the visit.  

Overall Visitor Impressions

1.Security needs improvement. Doors to children’s area were not locked after service started.

2.Children’s rooms need more security. Too many ways to get in.

3.Worship Center was good. Sound system was good.  Preaching was great.


Genesis Group Improvement Opportunities

1.Visitor parking spaces not clearly marked.

2.Parking lot greeters were talking more to themselves than to visitors.

3.Navigating through the building was difficult. Need more signs showing visitors how to get to various places in the building.


Genesis Group Recommendations

1.Develop a simple, but clear way to designate visitor parking. Temporary movable signs may be an option.

2.Retrain greeters (both parking lot and door) on key greeting objectives with respect to greeting visitors (directions, provide bulletin, etc.).  Greeters can also help provide navigation directions to guests as they enter the structure. 

3.Establish direction signage in the entry area to direct visitors to building locations.  Temporary movable signs could be an option. Signs should be positioned so that they do not cause a traffic or trip hazard.

4.Investigate options to provide better security for Children’s classrooms.

Host Greeting Guests
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